What can you do with your old photos?

There are some people that still have boxes of old photos from before cameras were digitalized. That’s ok if you do! You can still do very memorable things with them! Unfortunately, the amount of options for physical photos does not equal the amount of options for digital photos. The list of creative and fun things you can do with digital photos is endless! After reading this list you might want to get those old photos of yours digitalized and bring them back to life!

Many people aren’t aware of all the new things that you can do with your old pics. With your digitalized photos, you can:

Share them & store them more conveniently

  • On Flickr.com, you can create custom photobooks, postcards & other memorable gifts of your kids when they were young

Fix them

  • With Picnik.com, you can play with their software until you get your old pictures just the way you want them! This is worth trying for fun because you can use it for free!
  • With LookWow.com, you can add special effects to your old pictures! You could never do that with physical photos!

Be creative with them & make stuff

  • On BigHugeLabs.com you can do a lot of printable goods, such as calendars or wallpaper!
  • com will make you new and fresh scrapbooks of your new digital photos!

There are so many cool things out there to do with digitalized photos! There is also an easy way for those of you with boxes full of old physical photos to turn them into digital photos. By using portablepics.com, you can have all your old boxes of photos scanned in the highest quality so that they will become digitalized and you can bring them back to life!